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Summer workshops

Teachers using probeware in apples

Teachers using probeware in apples (photo taken by Phil Sakimoto)

Well, here we go! I am the new facilitator for North Central Indiana STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). I have visited many professional development activities over the summer and have heard the need from K-12 STEM teachers to have someone available to help them when they come across a problem. I hope to be that person!

Two groups of middle school/intermediate school teachers met for 1 week each to learn about Vernier LabQuest and probeware. They created lessons that would use the probeware that they got to keep for their classrooms. Prof. Gordon Berry has written a grant to provide probeware for more intermediate centers in the South Bend Community School Corp. – let’s hope we get it! I am available to help those of you who have probeware in your classroom and am cited numerous times in the grant proposal as being on various committees to help those of you who are slated to receive probeware in the future. OK, the classroom is more fun than a committee, but I didn’t write the grant proposal:)

Well, let me know how I can be of help to you either now, before school commences, or later when you can’t remember how your probeware works.

I have created a wiki at: I hope that you will spend time there sharing your successes and frustrations of teaching science, math, technology and engineering to students young and old. Please visit early and often to see where you can help out another teacher. Remember that the whole is better than the sum of its parts:

whole > teacher1 + teacher 2 + teacher3

— Beth